About Me

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, I am a proud product of the Chicago Public Schools, graduating from Martha Ruggles Elementary School and John Marshall Harlan High School. 

I have been telling stories (to anyone who would listen) since I was about 9 years old. My stories were about my daily adventures: running into Muhammad Ali as I was rushing out of the library on 79th Street or the quirky expressions my mom would say or the people I would meet on the bus and the ‘El’. 

I left Chicago and headed off to Minnesota for college; graduated from Carleton College and began my career with IBM in Minneapolis. After 40+ years in Information Technology, I retired in 2017. 

I never intended to write books. Frustrated when I couldn’t find a series with an African American girl as the lead character to share with my oldest granddaughter; I sat down with my notebook and started to write. 

My Name is Kayla was written in 2011. Several more stories would come to life in my notebook; but work and travel and family had all of my attention. After retiring, I decided to get serious about publishing. It’s been quite a journey. I’ve been frustrated. I’ve been surprised. I’ve been ready to quit. But when I opened the first box from the printer and saw my book - it was worth it ALL! 

There will be more KaylaKay books and a series for boys and twins are also in the works. So, stay tuned!