On Sundays We Go To Church - One Page Info Sheet

Title: On Sundays We Go To Church 

Category: Children’s Picture Book

Author: Alison Woods

Illustrator: Ayanda Dorsey

ISBN: 978-1-7339876-2-2

Format: Hard Cover/Dust Jacket

Pages: 38

Price: $18.99

Published: November 2021

Available on: alisonwoodswrites.com

On Sundays We Go To Church is the second book in the KaylaKay series. Kayla is three years old now and she tells us all about everything she does each summer when she goes to visit her grandmother in Texas.

I'm not the friendliest person at 6:30 on Sunday mornings, but MeeMom sings silly songs and recites funny poems.

I try not to laugh for as long as I can, but once I start laughing she tickles me and I'm wide awake!

Selling Points

  • Series features an African American little girl as the lead character
  • Illustrations captivate young readers
  • Reading aloud is important for parent- child bonding and language development


 Loved the book! ~Valerie Mayo

About the Author

Alison Woods has told entertaining stories since she was nine years old.

On Sundays We Go to Church is her third book and the second book featuring Kayla as the lead character.

Her goal is to write books that the youngest children (birth to 6 years old) can enjoy. Her books will always feature African American children as the lead characters.