We Are Happy - One Page Info Sheet

Title: We Are Happy

Category: Children’s Picture Book

Author: Alison Woods

Illustrator: Kathrine Gutkovskiy

ISBN: 978-1-7339876-1-5

Format: Hard Cover/Dust Jacket

Pages: 40

Price: $18.99

Published: June 2021

Available on: alisonwoodswrites.com

We Are Happy is the first book in the Two Too Terrific series. Hunter and Liam are brothers. Hunter narrates as the two boys figure out that they are twins.

At the park one day, another Mommy asks The Mommy, "Twins?" The Mommy says, "Yes!"

"Who's the oldest?"

The Mommy says, "Hunter," and points at me!

Oh Boy!!

I thinks I've got it.

Hunter. Liam. Twins

Selling Points

  • Series features African American boys as the lead characters
  • Illustrations captivate young readers
  • Reading aloud is important for parent- child bonding and language development


Everyone with children should read this book. ~Richard L. Scott

About the Author

Alison Woods has told entertaining stories since she was nine years old.

We Are Happy is her second book. It's loosely based on her observations of her own twin grandsons - Hunter and Liam.

Her goal is to write books that our youngest children (birth to 6 years old) can enjoy. Her books will always feature African American children as the lead characters.