My Name is Kayla - One Page Info Sheet

Title: My Name is Kayla

Category: Children’s Picture Book

Author: Alison Woods

Illustrator: Ayanda Dorsey

ISBN: 978-1-7339876-0-8

Format: Hard Cover/Dust Jacket

Pages: 40

Price: $17.99

Published: December 2019

Available on:

My Name is Kayla is the first book in the KaylaKay series. Readers are introduced to Kayla on the day she is born and follow her as she interacts with her mother and discovers their names.

It is then that I know.

Black circles and white squares are Mommy. And me? My name is Kayla.

Selling Points

  • Series features African American little girl as the lead character
  • Illustrations captivate young readers
  • Reading aloud is important for parent- child bonding and language development


Delightful children's story of a baby girl's birth and discovering her parents, her environment, and finally her name. Beautifully told with beautiful illustrations. Children and parents will definitely enjoy this book. I'm looking forward to the other books.

Theresa Nash | Geneva, Switzerland

Great book.

Langston Arnold, age 4 | Austin, Texas

About the Author

Alison Woods has told entertaining stories since she was nine years old.

She wrote My Name is Kayla after searching for a children’s book series featuring an African American girl at her local bookstore; she decided to write one herself!