Alison Woods - Bios

Short Bio

Alison Woods writes children’s books featuring African American children as the lead characters.

Medium Bio

Alison Woods has told entertaining stories to all who would listen since she was nine years old. She wrote My Name is Kayla after searching for a children’s book series featuring an African American girl as the main character. Finding none at her local bookstore; she decided to write one herself. My Name is Kayla is the first book in the KaylaKay series.

Long Bio

Alison Woods – a lover of imaginative stories – writes children’s books based on her experiences with her children and grandchildren. She entertained them with her own spontaneous bedtime stories and then challenged them to set the stage with these words: “Give me two words and I’ll give you a story.” You can imagine how crazy the stories could be. She lives in Irving, Texas with her husband and they visit their children and grandchildren in Dallas, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Rivercrest, California. She still tells stories to the youngest grands.